2024 summer programs

youth, Middle school, & High school (jun 03 – aug 02)

All-Inclusive Summer Programs

Open to players 1st-12th grade


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Benefits of jiu-jitsu for mobility:

  • Improved flexibility – stretching and movements will help improve flexibility and range of motion.
  • Enhanced joint health – techniques help strengthen the muscles around joints, leading to improved joint health and reduced risk of injury.
  • Better balance and coordination – jiu-jitsu requires constant adjustment in position and movement, which helps improve balance and coordination.
  • Increased agility and speed – quick movements and transition help improve agility and speed, resulting in a boost in mobility and responsiveness in other areas of life.
  • Core strength – techniques require engaging core muscles, leading to improved core strength and stability.

Take the first step in your jiu-jitsu journey and experience improved flexibility, mobility, strength, and confidence. Join the Campeon at Clava jiu-jitsu family today!

Basketball Development League

All-Inclusive Youth Development Program
Open to players 1st-Varsity, all skill levels

Summer Season (8 Weeks)
Jun 17 – Aug 11

$375 / 8 Weeks (Basketball League Only)
$500 / 8 Weeks (Basketball League + Performance Training)
Monthly Payment Plans Available

South County Adult Basketball League - Social

League is designed for the casual teams and players looking for a fun way to exercise!

Summer Season (8 Weeks)
Jul 30th to Sep 17thth

Where: Clava Sports Facility

Day/Time: Tuesday Nights 8pm-10pm

$150 / 8 Weeks (Individual)
$600 / 8 Weeks (Team)

South County Adult Basketball League - Competitive

The league is designed for all ages 18+ looking for competition! See if your skills match up to the best in the area.

Summer Season (8 Weeks)
Jul 30th – Sep 17th

Where: Clava Sports Facility

Day/Time: Tuesday Nights 8pm – 10pm

$150 / 8 Weeks (Individual)
$600 / 8 Weeks (Team)

Future Vision Basketball

2 tournaments per month


AstroTurf Court

Volleyball Courts

Basketball Courts

On-site Parking Spaces

Wi-Fi Hotspots


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Zachary Zeiler
Zachary Zeiler
Perfect training center for every sportm. Professional grade trainers and training facility local to Lake Forest. Exceptional staff that works with players of all ages and sports. If you have a student athlete at any age, you need Clava Sport Facility.
Jess Peterlin
Jess Peterlin
David Sigler
David Sigler
Awesome facility and staff. My family is a member of the gym and we really like it. Great equipment and awesome classes (shout out to Jeff!). My kids play in the basketball league while we work out. The coaches are knowledgeable and truly care about player development and fostering a positive team environment. I recommend Clava to literally all my extended family and friends.

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