2024 summer programs

youth, Middle school, & High school (jun 03 – aug 02)

All-Inclusive Summer Programs

Open to players 1st-12th grade


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Benefits of jiu-jitsu for mobility:

  • Improved flexibility – stretching and movements will help improve flexibility and range of motion.
  • Enhanced joint health – techniques help strengthen the muscles around joints, leading to improved joint health and reduced risk of injury.
  • Better balance and coordination – jiu-jitsu requires constant adjustment in position and movement, which helps improve balance and coordination.
  • Increased agility and speed – quick movements and transition help improve agility and speed, resulting in a boost in mobility and responsiveness in other areas of life.
  • Core strength – techniques require engaging core muscles, leading to improved core strength and stability.

Take the first step in your jiu-jitsu journey and experience improved flexibility, mobility, strength, and confidence. Join the Campeon at Clava jiu-jitsu family today!

Basketball Development League

All-Inclusive Youth Development Program
Open to players 1st-Varsity, all skill levels

Winter Season (8 Weeks)
April 22 – Jun 16

$375 / 8 Weeks (Basketball League Only)
$500 / 8 Weeks (Basketball League + Performance Training)
Monthly Payment Plans Available

Future Vision Basketball

2 tournaments per month

AstroTurf Court

Volleyball Courts

Basketball Courts

On-site Parking Spaces

Wi-Fi Hotspots


Everything to love about Clava.

Nice gym but I'm two broke to go there right now but it's a nice place
Fidel Vargas
Fidel Vargas
Amazing facility! The setup is great. The staff and what it offers outside of basketball (courts) is awesome! It's also a great family place for fitness for all in the family. We will definitely be back!
Karey Maxwell
Karey Maxwell
Tight seating for spectators but a clean facility
Volleyball volleyball volleyball

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